Ambiguity Is The EngineAmbiguity Is The Engine

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There is a lot of ambiguity in the air. The election results. Concern about our own lives. The climate. The state of the world in general. The changing economy. The replacement of jobs by freelance work. Don’t try to escape ambiguity by making up stories; escape your ambiguity by taking actions towards a vision for a better life and world.

How To Feel Useful After The ElectionHow To Feel Useful After The Election

How To Feel Useful After The Electionfeatured

It’s still unclear, while the dust settles, exactly what we can do to continue bring about the world we want after the U.S. election. But here is a video I made of the actions we can take while we figure it out. Some of the points are summarized below.

Do You Have Dignity?Do You Have Dignity?

Do You Have Dignity?featured

It is election season in the USA and I have been thinking a lot about this expression “human dignity.” What does it mean? How does it relate to our life choices and how we treat others and also to the priorities of the society in which we live?

How does the expression human dignity relate to climate change and racism, both of which are essentially issues of how we treat each other and how we allow our societies, governments and corporations to treat us?