How do you build a safe and healthy life that both helps other people and our planet and is full of friends, fun, meaning and purpose? On this page, I continue the conversation about the Good Life that began with my No Impact Man blog, book and film. Are you, like so many of us, also looking for the kind of life that makes you happier and helps the world? Because I really hope you’ll join the conversation!

Colin Beavan at Purdue

A 20-Minute Optimism Exercise That Can Help You Build A Better Life And Worldfeatured

Those of us who want to build better lives that also help the world tend to be suspicious of optimism. Being optimistic causes you to sit on your butt and do nothing about world problems, right? We need anger, fear and desire to motivate us, no? But what if I told you that the science shows that a 20-minute optimism exercise can actually help you be more effective in building a better life for yourself and a better world for others?

The Good Life: Advice To An 8th Grade Class I Wish Someone Gave Mefeatured

A Chicago public school teacher who had her class watch our movie No Impact Man reached out to me and asked me to write a letter to her class. After I wrote it, I realized it is exactly the advice I strive to follow in my own life and which you, whatever age you are, might find helpful–at least if, like me, you are looking to lead an authentic, impactful, good life.