How do you build a safe and healthy life that both helps other people and our planet and is full of friends, fun, meaning and purpose? On this page, I continue the conversation about the Good Life that began with my No Impact Man blog, book and film. Are you, like so many of us, also looking for the kind of life that makes you happier and helps the world? Because I really hope you’ll join the conversation!

Colin Beavan at Purdue
Success In What Actually MattersSuccess In What Actually Matters

Success In What Actually Mattersfeatured

The mythology in our culture is that success and happiness are determined by three things: your job, your romantic partnership, and your stuff (including your house). There is only one problem with that. It’s not true. But there is one thing that, the science shows, predicts success in everything that matters–having a robust, interconnected personal community.

Do you ever wish you could just quit?Do you ever wish you could just quit?

Do you ever wish you could just quit?featured

I kept quitting all my life because I had based my choices on who I thought I should be and what I thought I should do. But what if it’s possible to be exactly who you are and help the world in exactly the way it needs to be helped, right now? That’s the life I want.

Increase Your Fulfillment To Success RatioIncrease Your Fulfillment To Success Ratio

Increase Your Fulfillment To Success Ratiofeatured

You can be totally successful in societal terms and have all the things while also being completely unfulfilled. You can have worked your rear-end off to get somewhere and find out it’s not really where you want to be. And THAT SUCKS. But its is easier to improve your fulfillment to success ration than you think.