How do you build a safe and healthy life that both helps other people and our planet and is full of friends, fun, meaning and purpose? On this page, I continue the conversation about the Good Life that began with my No Impact Man blog, book and film. Are you, like so many of us, also looking for the kind of life that makes you happier and helps the world? Because I really hope you’ll join the conversation!

Colin Beavan at Purdue
Dealing With So Much Conflict In Life And SocietyDealing With So Much Conflict In Life And Society

Dealing With So Much Conflict In Life And Societyfeatured

What if, in conflict, we thought as no person is our enemy? What if it is misunderstanding, extreme desire and anger that cause poor behavior? Then, are not misunderstanding, extreme desire and anger are our only enemies? So if we want to stop conflict, shouldnt we reduce misunderstanding, extreme desire and anger?

After Mom’s DeathAfter Mom’s Death

After Mom’s Deathfeatured

So when my mom was dying, I’d go and visit her in the morning and then take a break and then go visit her in the afternoon again. One day, I was listening to Bonnie Raitt I Can’t Make You Love Me in the car on the way back to her hospital bed. I got Read more

Conversation With My Dying MomConversation With My Dying Mom

Conversation With My Dying Momfeatured

Visiting my mom, she didn’t say much when I arrived. She seemed to want to doze. I got my computer out to pay her bills while she napped. Then I thought twice. I thought, before I go to bill paying, I’d ask if there was anything she needed to discuss. “Yes,” she said, suddenly alert. Read more