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No Impact Man

About No Impact Man, Colin says: “For many years, I’d been an author writing history books. But one January day, when it should have been freezing cold, all the college students in my neighborhood strolled around in tee-shirts and shorts. The climate change crisis had begun. I realized I could not longer ignore the world’s problems. No Impact Man is really the story of how I made transformative adjustments in my life and career in order to address myself to the things I cared about and to live in line with my values.”

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No Impact Man, the book

“Profound . . . Beavan’s project has significant emotional and ecological heft. No Impact Man works, most of all, because Beavan is intelligent, funny, provocative, and, above all, honest.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer

“There’s something inspiring about a smart, committed person coming to an elegantly simple conclusion.”

Los Angeles Times

“No Impact Man is a deeply honest and riveting account of the year in which Colin Beavan and his wife attempted to do what most of us would consider impossible. What might seem inconvenient to the point of absurdity instead teaches lessons that all of us need to learn. We as individuals can take action to address important social problems. One person can make a difference.”

—Marion Nestle, author of What to Eat

Operation Jedburgh: D-Day and America’s First Shadow War

About Operation Jedburgh, Colin says: “For four years I researched this book, talking to dozens of old men about the terrible things that happen in war. It was writing this book that sensitized me to what it really meant to fight for oil in Iraq—what we were really paying in terms of the suffering of young men and women for an unsustainable fuel. Why were we fighting to get this sludge from the Middle East when the sun for solar panels and the wind for windmills shone and blew right here at home?”

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“An exciting story of the lesser known side of D-Day… vividly told.”

—Antony Beevor, author of Stalingrad and The Fall of Berlin 1945

“They were cloaked in shadow, mystery, and a touch of glamour, the Jedburghs, the most intensely secret warriors of World War II.”

—Joseph E. Persico, author of Nuremberg


About Fingerprints, Colin says: “Fingerprints, my first book, is fundamentally a story about justice. It is also the book where I learned to write books. It is the book I wrote when finally, in my life, I had the courage to pursue my career as an author. Although it may seem so different than my other two books, it is the true beginning of my professional life.”

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“…reads like a crime novel… police and attorneys… convince juries, other officers and the courts that fingerprints do identify individuals.”

Dallas Morning News

“Beavan is at his best when tracking the strong personalities and conflicting motivations of these forensic pioneers.”

Washington Post

“Fingerprints is a wonderful account of the early days of scientific criminal investigation.”

San Diego Union-Tribune