Support Colin Beavan’s Work!

For nearly ten years now, I have been inspiring people to get involved in solutions to our world crises in tangible ways that make their own lives happier. Doing this is not a commercial proposition (certainly Exxon isn’t exactly knocking at my door with sponsorship opportunities!!). It is just my mission and I do it through my writings, my speaking, my teaching, my workshops and my No Impact Weeks.

Some of my work has income associated with it, but not enough to fund everything the work can achieve. With your help, I can expand my work and be a louder voice helping to build the critical mass we need for social, environmental and personal transformation in our world.

The following projects, among others, will benefit from your support:

  • The hiring of a full time assistant
  • My next book project
  • The development of a TV project
  • The How to Be Alive podcast I plan to launch
  • My mentoring of young activists who have no funds
  • My speaking at schools
  • The Internet writing I do to inspire people towards a life of helping

Your contributions, made through the charitable 501c3 I work with (the Sustainable Markets Foundation), will help make my work available to more people. It will also allow me to pursue projects that are helpful to the social change movement without my worrying whether the project can support itself financially.

Would you like to be a partner in my efforts by donating $5 a month? $50 a month? $500 a month? Every bit helps (especially if you kindly click the “recurring monthly” button on the form that follows). Please click on the PayPal button below or, if you want to discuss making a major gift or have questions about supporting this work, please contact me here.

NOTE: Don’t be surprised when you see in the form that your donation is going to the Sustainable Markets Foundation. That is the umbrella nonprofit I work with to accept charitable donations. Thank you!