3 Stages Of Keeping New Year’s Resolutions (And Helping The World)featured

Recently, I did an interview with a woman named Majka Baur for her blog Scaling For Good. I explained to her how, like so many people I know, I had cast about for many things in my life to make me feel happier, but I still felt lost and powerless, especially in the face of the problems I saw in the world.

Then things really changed for me about ten years ago, starting with the project I did called No Impact Man. I woke up to my power to change my life and the world.

Majka asked me, what would I consider to be the three stages of waking up? Since it is nearly New Year’s, I thought it might help to share the answer. It might help you keep your resolutions.

In brief, the three stages are:

  • Question the standard life approach and start listening to your inner voice
  • Get unstuck by taking tiny steps that excite you (don’t worry about the big ones)
  • Find a community that’s on the path you want to be on and keep growing.

But you can read more about all this in Majka’s blog post by clicking here. I’d love to hear what you think.

PS That picture of me was taken by my daughter Isabella just last night. :)

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