After Mom’s Deathfeatured

So when my mom was dying, I’d go and visit her in the morning and then take a break and then go visit her in the afternoon again.

One day, I was listening to Bonnie Raitt I Can’t Make You Love Me in the car on the way back to her hospital bed. I got there and she was out of it and I said, “Mom, you have to listen to this song. It is just so beautiful.”

I put my phone on her pillow and played it.

Then, I left the room for a while and when I came back, she was dead.

Now I am cleaning the bathroom and playing the song and I’m just like, “What the fuck, Mom? What’s the idea of being dead?”

My memory is in those last few minutes after she died and her face had a slightly green hew and her skin was a little waxy. Anyway, that image comes and my eyes fill with tears.

It’s funny what happens when you are cleaning the bathroom. Also, listen to this. Isn’t it really just such a beautiful song? I mean, like, so beautiful?

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