Colin Beavan

Colin Beavan

How To Quit The Unhappy Numbers GameHow To Quit The Unhappy Numbers Game

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Once you have enough and you find yourself wanting more than enough, it is never going to make you happy. And then all that happens is, when more than enough is not enough, you think it is because you need more than more than enough. The treadmill never stops. The worst thing is, while you are putting all your effort into that, you don’t have time for the things that will actually make you happy. So how do you get off the ride?

On Feeling Fully HumanOn Feeling Fully Human

On Feeling Fully Humanfeatured

I have variously spent parts of my life chasing cash, prestige, experience. I have come up with ideas of what life is for, and clung to them, perhaps because it is to frightening to admit that I just don’t know. Why was I born? Why will I die? What am I for? Many times in my Read more