Do you ever feel you’ve got it all backwards?featured

When you look like at your life, are you really putting the bulk of your effort into what feels important?

We work harder and harder at jobs we don’t like, feeling that we are doing harm to ourselves and others, while grieving for the gifts we really want to give to the world.

Doing things backwards

On the other hand, to have more leisure, we take a loan or use a credit card to buy a bigger TV and trap ourselves in the jobs, working to pay it off the TVs and stressed by the things we watch.

Isn’t this the definition of doing things backwards?

It’s going to sound hokey but the science says, pretty much, that what we need is to be relatively safe, experience meaningful challenges, feel we are the authors of our own destiny, and feel important to and desired by our communities.

But we seem to be trying to get there all backwards. It hurts our lives and it hurts the world. All the bigger cars and TVs aren’t what people truly need. Meanwhile, the manufacture and use of them is wrecking our planet and perpetuating an economic system with massive injustices baked in.

I’ve been writing and talking about this for a long time now and you want to know why I think people don’t head for the Truth? Fear. People are scared to do what, for now, seems counter-cultural. We are scared we will fall through the cracks and we are scared we will be alone.

That’s why I think the biggest thing, when it comes to finding the life you truly want, is finding a community who shares your values. Volunteer at a community garden or for a race justice organization. Have community potlucks with people who share your aspirations.

In Buddhism, one of the “three jewels” is sangha. In Christianity, it is said “where two or three gather in my name, I am there.” Community can be our strength. It is our antidote to the fear of being who we are.

Of course, you can build a community of your own, and you should, but if you want to jump start the process…

If you have been reading my emails, you know I’ve been recruiting for my How To Be Alive Mastermind Group. It’s a group of like-minded friends who gather by video conference once a week for 20 weeks to support each other in discovering and following their truths. It’s now nearly full but there are a couple of spots left.

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