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Do you care about having a meaningful impact on the world? If so, this is your invitation to be part of a small intimate group of visionaries who support each other in living with purpose and finding their calling but also in self-care, abundance and balance. (If you already know you are in, find out more and take your place at the front of the line by clicking here).

What if you had a group of friends who refused to let you fail at achieving your vision

By way of background, around 2006, my life was great but I still felt a little bit empty. I’d published two books and I lived in Manhattan and had achieved a lot of what I wanted. Life still felt a little meaningless. I couldn’t help feeling that I wasn’t as impactful as I wanted to be. I wasn’t helping people. As you may know, I turned that around when I started my No Impact Man project which inspired many thousands of people to help the world, too. I am so lucky to have what I think is a balanced, prosperous, meaningful life that helps others.

Now, at the beginning of 2018, a lot of people–including maybe you?–are feeling the way I was back in 2006. Like, even if there are things about their lives they like, they wish they could find a way to prosperously have more meaning and be more of service. Maybe you have a nice career and a good life situation but you just don’t feel so purposeful. Or maybe there is a path calling to you but you need some help stepping down it. Or maybe you are just starting out and you are just not quite sure how to proceed.

Did you ever wish you could be part of an intimate group of accomplished people who worked to support each other in achieving their visions for a meaningful life? What if this group could help you clear the life clutter and tap into your greatest gifts in ways that make you happy and help the world? What if this group also shared your values of wanting do well by doing good–to find a way to live prosperously while having a meaningful impact?

I am inviting you to join just such a group–the How To Be Alive Mastermind Group. These are groups of hand-picked visionaries, facilitated by me, who support each other in building balanced lives of integrity in every area, from career to relationships to choice of home to friendships to making money to service to the world to self-care. Most importantly, group members are passionate about doing well by doing good.

As I mentioned above, each group centers around living with purpose and finding or living one’s calling but also around personal self-care, abundance and balance within that calling.

Would you like to join? I’m taking applications now for groups beginning in the next few weeks. I am keeping a waiting list, but if you want to get into a group straight away, please be sure to fill out your application ASAP. Oh, and by the way, the application form is kind of fun. You’ll learn something about yourself. To find out more, fill out an application, and take your place in the line to join a group, click here.

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