Want Friends To Hold You To Those 2018 Resolutions?featured

What if you had a group of friends who refused to let you fail to achieve your vision for 2018 or any other time? With this blog post, I wanted to help you start that kind of group–a mastermind group–or, if you would prefer, to enroll in my exclusive, facilitated How To Be Alive Mastermind Group (click here).

What if you had a group of friends who refused to let you fail at achieving your vision

Because around this time of year, for those of us who had high personal hopes for 2018, either we’re off to a good start but could use a boost to keep it going or we’re flagging and, also, could use a boost.

If you are a follower of mine, chances are that you are one of those people who has heard the call to get more involved in helping to find solutions to our national and world problems–you’re a social entrepreneur or a sustainability officer or a philanthropist or an educator or an activist or a non-profit leader.

Or, you might just be wondering how to get involved in the movement for change.

But also, you may be looking to take better care of yourself or to find your purpose or create more community or make a better living or any of a number of aspirations.

The question is, how do we do these things? How do we do the things that many of us have wanted to do for a long time? Where can you get ideas and support? And energy?

I wanted to introduce you to a powerful tool I use called a “mastermind group.” It is a group of like-minded people who refuse to let me fail at achieving my vision. They help me determine my vision, keep my resolution and also provides support for my alternative or unconventional choices, even when my closest friends and relatives do not.

Finding a supportive group can be a big challenge for social entrepreneurs, people who try to live according to their environmental and social justice values, activists or anyone on an unconventional path.

A mastermind group is like having a board of directors for your life. People to brainstorm with you. Listen to you. Hold you accountable to your goals. Help you figure out what will really make you happy. Get you get past being stuck. Learn how to change the world. Meanwhile, you are offering the same for everyone else in the group.

Want to have such a group of friends who help you along your path?

I thought you might and that’s why I have put together both the do-it-yourself version and the pre-built, full-service, fun and facilitated-by-me versions:

1. You could found and run your very own mastermind group: To help you, I wrote this detailed blog post about starting and running a mastermind group of your own. I promise that such a group could really help you, as long as you’re willing to put the effort into recruiting the members and keeping them organized. Read how here.

2. Or you could enroll in my exclusive, facilitated How To Be Alive Mastermind Group: Join in (by clicking here) with a number of hand-picked visionairies in my paid mastermind group for professionals wanting support in pursuing prosperous, balanced lives and careers that have a meaningful impact on the world. The group will center around living with purpose and finding or living one’s calling but also around personal self-care and balance within that calling. I think you’d love it. To find out more, hear what people have said about my previous groups, and apply, click here.

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